What to Expect

Chiropractic Eastgate OH Outside

Laying the Foundation

You'll discover that our offices truly care about our patients. Our staff warmly greet the moment you arrive and try to make your visit an positive one.

The First Visit

When you call to schedule an appointment, our staff will gather some basic information, and tell you where to access our online paperwork if you wish to complete it prior to your visit to save you time. Once in our offices in Eastgate or Highland Heights, Dr. Homan will review your paperwork, have a consultation with you to discuss your history and current health concerns, then move on to an examination, and digital X-rays if necessary. A light relief treatment is provided. Dr. Homan will discuss any home care instructions and ask to see you the next day to review your examination findings. Depending on your individual case, this visit typically take about 20-25 minutes.

The Second Visit

You'll be greeted at the door and escorted by our staff to meet with Dr. Homan. The doctor will go over the exam and x-rays findings, discuss the conditions we will be treating, tell you how long it'll take to get better, and what cost are involved. You'll receive an adjustment, using any of several techniques that are chosen based on what's appropriate for your condition. You will then receive adjunctive therapy. Please plan on spending 10-15 minutes with us.

Follow-up Visits

Your continued care appointments start with some time on the traction table to loosen up your body followed by a chiropractic adjustment.

When you've reached your healthcare goals, you'll be released from care. Some patients choose to continue seeing us because they feel better and stay healthier. Dr. Homan recommends regular check-ups of your spine. Most preventative care (maintenance) patients come in one to two times a month to help them continue feeling great.

We offer on-site digital X-ray facilities and convenient free parking. Call Dr. Homan today to schedule your first visit!